Cold Email Templates That Get Results: Crafting Emails That Convert

Cold email templates that get results

Looking for cold email templates that get the desired responses? Scroll down for the 7 most effective ideas!

Creating impactful cold email templates is an art form. It’s about striking the perfect balance between grabbing attention, offering value, and prompting a response. 

When done right, cold emails can be a powerful tool for generating leads and growing your business. If done poorly, they can land straight in the trash folder.

So, let’s dive into cold emails, why you should write them, and the 7 cold email templates that will help you get noticed and generate the right responses. 

What Are Cold Emails?

Cold emails are an integral part of content marketing. They are unsolicited emails sent to potential customers or business partners with whom you haven’t had prior contact. The goal is to introduce yourself, your company, and the value you can offer. 

Unlike warm emails, which are sent to contacts who have already expressed some interest in your product or service, cold emails require a more strategic approach to capture attention and build trust.

Here’s a breakdown of some key characteristics of cold emails:

  • Unsolicited: The recipient is not expecting your email.
  • Targeted: You send emails to a specific audience with whom you believe your product or service aligns.
  • Informative: You introduce yourself and your company, highlighting the value you can provide.
  • Actionable: You include a clear call to action, prompting the recipient to respond.

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Why Write Cold Emails?

Despite the rise of social media and other marketing channels, cold emails remain a highly effective way to connect with potential customers. In fact, 8 out of 10 prospects prefer to be contacted via email. 

Here’s why:

Targeted Reach

You can tailor your message to a specific audience, increasing the chances of resonating with their needs.


You can send out a large number of emails in a short period, maximizing your outreach.


Compared to other marketing strategies, cold emailing is relatively inexpensive.

Direct Communication

You can directly introduce your product or service to decision-makers.

Increased Brand Awareness

Even if recipients don’t respond immediately, cold emails can still raise awareness about your brand and what you offer.

By using an effective cold email template, you can master the art of cold emails and open doors to new business opportunities. 

Cold email templates that work

7 Cold Email Templates That Work Wonders

Let’s explore 7 cold email templates that will help you get the right responses from prospects:

1. Grab Their Attention From the Get-Go

Use a technique called AIDA, which stands for attention, interest, desire, and action, to drive responses. To achieve success with AIDA, your first line should grab immediate attention. 

Here’s a cold email template that does that seamlessly:

2. Follow-Up with the Right Content

What should you do when you have sent two or more cold emails and haven’t gotten a response? You need to send a follow-up email with the right message.

It could be anything that piques their curiosity or encourages them to respond.

Here’s the right cold email template for that:

3. Offer a Solution to Their Main Problem

Every prospect struggles with a main pain point that needs results to help them achieve their goals. It’s why the PAS approach, which stands for problem, agitate, and solve, helps get responses.

Highlight your prospect’s bigger pain point, emphasize how frustrating it is, and then explain how your product/service is the solution they need. 

4. Offer Value to the Prospect

To write cold emails that get responses, you need to offer value to your prospect. You can do that with a freebie, discount, limited-time offer, or knowledge-sharing.

Here’s a cold email template that offers value:

5. Ask If You Have the Right Person

If your cold email outreach isn’t getting responses, you need to ensure that you’re even reaching the right person. 

Use this cold email template to double-check if you’re approaching the right person:

6. Be Direct with the Prospect

Don’t beat about the bush, and be as direct as you can with your offer when sending a cold email. This way, you will use fewer words and appear more convincing and confident about your proposition. 

Here’s a cold email template that is direct and compelling:

7. Highlight Your USP

This approach is best used for prospects that are already using your competitor’s products. This way, you know they will be interested in learning about your business if your offer is better than your competitor’s. 

Here’s a template you can use for this type of email:

The Bottom Line

Cold email templates are your secret weapon in the world of lead generation. They provide a solid foundation to build upon, ensuring your outreach efforts are consistent, targeted, and impactful. 

With the aforementioned cold email templates, you can craft messages that resonate with your audience, pique their interest, and ultimately drive conversions.

Alternatively, you can put your trust in pros to get cold emails that will drive favorable results from the get-go. 

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