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Joseph Giove

Joseph Giove

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Joseph Giove’s journey spans over four decades of passion and dedication to product deployment, marketing, capital funding, and corporate execution. His breadth of experience has been further enriched by his contributions in managing biotech and software development companies, founding an online wellness company, and operating an educational non-profit, Common Passion.

Today, at the helm of 2020 Vision Digital, Joseph seeks to leverage his experience to offer unparalleled value to entrepreneurs and business owners. His enduring mission is centered on fostering digital growth for entrepreneurs and businesses, helping them amplify their online presence and profitability.

Khurram Ahmed

Khurram Ahmad

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

With decades-long experience in digital marketing, Khurram’s expertise is grounded in a profound passion for digital innovation and content marketing. His journey has seen him evolve into a visionary leader, driving the agency’s operational excellence and strategic initiatives.

At the heart of his approach is a deep understanding of the digital marketing landscape, honed through his work with over 400 clients and the successful completion of more than 2000 projects across global markets. His role in 2020 Vision Digital extends beyond operational oversight; it encompasses fostering a culture of innovation, guiding the agency’s talent in delivering cutting-edge digital solutions.

Felicia D’Souza

SEO Team Lead

Batool Habib

Manager Content Marketing and Leads Acquisition

Shin Mo Hi

Shin Mo. Hi

Manager Web Development

Abeera A.

UI/UX Designer

Farrah Maryam

Manager Social Media Marketing

Arnold Samual

Arnold Samuel

PPC Expert


Navigating the Future of Digital Marketing

We are your marketing allies, your partners and your biggest supporters in the digital realm. With a holistic approach and forward-thinking strategies, we equip businesses with the tools needed to thrive amid technological advancements and industry trends. Our focus is on providing cost-effective, results-driven solutions that help our clients achieve their goals and stay ahead of the curve.

Future of Digital Marketing

Our Core Strengths

Discover the guiding principles that set us apart and help provide your business everything it needs to generate awareness, drive traffic and increase revenue.


Trend Forecasting

Anticipating change, understanding industry shifts, and positioning our clients at the forefront of innovation.


Data-Driven Strategies

Harnessing the power of data to guide decision-making and optimize marketing outcomes.


Integrated Marketing

Crafting cohesive strategies across all channels for a seamless consumer experience.


Continuous Learning

Prioritizing up-skilling and knowledge acquisition to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Client’s Success And Future Growth

Our Goal Is Client’s Success And Future Growth

The 2020 Vision Approach is all about looking ahead and preparing your business for sustainable growth for years to come. We combine trend forecasting, data-driven strategies, integrated marketing, and continuous learning to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. We’re not just responding to changes – we’re anticipating them. By staying at the forefront of industry shifts, we equip our clients with the tools needed to thrive in an uncertain future.

Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals located across the globe, with over 100 years of cumulative experience in all areas digital marketing. This breadth of expertise and diverse perspectives fuels our ability to deliver innovative, adaptable solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Rooted in our approach is a set of core values that guide every decision we make. We believe in collaboration, knowing that great ideas emerge when diverse minds come together. Transparency is key to building trust with our clients, and we strive for open communication in all our dealings. Above all, we’re committed to the success of our clients – your success is our success.

Our mission is to empower businesses to successfully navigate the digital landscape, offering cost-effective, results-driven solutions that help our clients achieve their goals. We are committed to leading the industry in innovative digital marketing strategies that not only adapt to change but anticipate it. At 2020 Vision Digital, we’re not just seeing the future – we’re helping you shape it.

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